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Retargeting Ads

If you sell stuff online or run a small business you know that driving people to your website advertising plays an important role. But 97% of users who visit your website leave without buying anything for the first time, and chances are that they will be lost forever if you don’t bring them back. In such a case, retargeting ads can be of great use as they will remind the visitors of your services and products by showing them a relevant text or visual ads when they visit other websites. Top Lead Solutions offers you retargeting ads services for your products and businesses.

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What is a Retargeting Ad?

A form of online targeting advertising which is served to those who are lead customers in your database or have already visited your website is known as a retargeting ad.

Retargeting ads can be of two types such as pixel-based retargeting or List-based retargeting. Both of these types have different advantages based on campaign goals.

Are Retargeting Ads Important?

To showcase and promote your top-selling products retargeting ads are an effective way. This will also help in converting the visitors of your website into potential customers and ROI for your ads will get increased. Retargeting ads are a low effort and low budget way that will showcase different products from your store to a targeted audience. It is an online way of converting window shoppers into possible buyers. With retargeting ads, your products will stay at the forefront in the minds of past visitors. You will also be able to control costs, produce ads, and create a customized and tailored list.

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We’re proud of receiving the award in 2016-2017 from Google due to our remarkable services. Top Lead Solutions is a family-owned and operated business that has started its journey by marketing one website, but since 2015, we’ve built more than 500 websites and have spent over $15,000,000 for our clients. We have a variety of strategies for you to choose from that make 95% of our customers stay longer with us. For your contact/ list-based retargeting goals, you can use our CRM retargeting service while running a Facebook retargeting campaign. We always come up with unique ideas that will blow up your mind.

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